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Our Vision

We founded the Golf Lab to help serious golfers take advantage of new technology, products, materials and methods to produce "breakthrough performance".

Serious golfers are constantly striving to assemble "perfect bag". But not even the legendary Bobby Jones was able to acquire a perfect set of clubs in his lifetime. The "perfect set" is just as mythical as the "perfect round". But for any quest in life: "It's the journey, not the destination". We'd like to be your companion on that journey.

We have our own name for the "holy grail" - the "Magic Club". We’ve been pursuing that goal – starting with the Search for the Magic Driver - since 2002, occasionally catching up with wisps from the contrail of that elusive dream. Much has changed since 2002. Club fitting, which has always been an art, has become much more of a science. Most serious players have had their swings and ball flight analyzed and tested with electronic launch monitors. Many have utilized even more sophisticated gizmos. Players have learned a lot about the physical specifications of clubs that work best for them.

The key to success is our ability to match a player’s fitting specifications at the workbench. Why bother with a fitting if you’re going to buy your clubs off the rack? If you are looking for a clubmaker who can build your Magic Clubs, to your unique specifications, look no further. There is no custom golf shop in the world with more knowledge or broader experience than the Golf Lab. Our new website is our way of reaching out to players who are too busy to visit the shop regularly – or who live too far away - but share our passion for high performance custom golf clubs – the latest models and forever playable classics.

Technology has had a dramatic impact on the game of golf. Balls go farther and straighter. Drivers are easier to hit, and longer. Hybrids take the fear out of long irons. That's the part of the game you can buy off the rack. The part of the game you can't buy is about hitting the ball closer to the hole and sinking your putts. "Performing under pressure" - "playing the game". That's where fitting, feel, customization and training come into play. We have assembled a unique selection of products and services that, together with your dedication to improvement and with the help of your PGA Golf Professional, will help you play better golf – and have more fun.

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